Team Atlantis Rising is a team of diversified, goal-oriented members from around the world who all have the same goal of earning a very nice monthly residual online income.

Beyond that, we believe that building your subscriber list is imperative to your success. That is why we offer personal pages that convert quite well.  Meaning that with them, you can and will build a list of subscribers and TrafficWave (TW) paid referrals.

Team Atlantis Rising also provides unlimited paid TW referrals to our members. We start this by providing six (6) paid referrals via our two (2) team straight line rotators. Our first rotator provides four (4) and our second rotator provides two (2) more.

But we're not done yet. This is the super exciting part. Every time our members have a direct referral in the first hot seat, they will receive another PAID TW direct referral from the team.

I want you to really, really think about this.  With Team Atlantis Rising, you really can count on unlimited paid TW referrals.

Team Atlantis Rising offers options to our members in regards to advertising/promoting.  You would simply select any option that best works for you!


Option 1:
Choose to promote our team pages and receive 750 hits/views to them and you will be placed in our rotator according to you join date and will receive referrals from the team’s efforts.

Option 2:  
Choose to promote only personal pages provided by the team or self-created pages. With this option, you would be relying solely on your own promotions. Promoting personal pages will allow you to build a list of subscribers (customers) which is extremely important to building any business and will also allow you to bring in paid TW referrals at any time.  We will provide you with an awesome letter series along with instructions for setting up your Team Atlantis Rising campaign.  If you get stuck, help is just a click away.

Option 3:  
Choose to promote both team and personal pages. This option allows you to receive paid TW referrals from the team, from your own personal promotions and will allow you to build a list of subscribers which are basically potential customers.

Option 4:
Create your TW account with us and do nothing.  That’s right; you have the option of simply using your TW ‘must have’ tools to build any other business that you are into.  You are not required to participate with Team Atlantis Rising at all.  Trust me; TW’s tools are fantastic.  I wouldn’t be where I’m at without them.  By creating your TW account with us, you will also be setting yourself up for spill over. Your odds of spill over with Team Atlantis Rising are quite good.  With TW you only need one direct referral to be paid for all spill over.  And spill over pays the exact same in commissions as direct referrals do.

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to receive hits (views to your ads), there is nothing to worry about. Team Atlantis Rising has a list of recommended sites and tips that will help you through the learning curve. Your sponsor will be able to explain this to you as well and probably even share some of his/her own favorite advertising sites.

Now then, if you are not familiar with TW’s world-renowned affiliate pay plan, click the link below to check it out.  If the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste into your browser.

I also want you to see TrafficWave’s affiliate pay plan in easy to understand examples.

Okay, let’s say you are at Tidal Wave level and you have your five (5) PAID qualified referrals and each one of those five (5) referrals are earning $500.00 per month.  Tidal Wave Level pays a 25% leadership bonus.  So in this example that would be $125.00 paid to you for each of your five referrals (5) per month.  And, $125.00 multiplied by five (5) totals $625.00 per month for you! This is in addition to your regular monthly commissions.

Now then, and this is super exciting.  Once you reach Tsunami Level (ten [10] paid qualified referrals), you will be paid a 50% leadership bonus for all ten (10) of your referrals.  So, let’s put the math to work.  Ten referrals earning $500.00 per month multiplied by ten (10) is $5,000.00 per month.  50% of that is a whopping $2,500 per month for you.  Again, this is in addition to your regular monthly commissions.

I’m not going to lie to you.  It will take time to reach these levels. However, you only need three (3) folks in your downline with at least one (1) direct referral to be paid $17.95 per month which is enough to cover TW’s monthly charge for their fantastic products.


Product 1:  Unlimited Autoresponders (campaigns)

An autoresponder is online software that sends automatic pre-written letters to anybody who shows interest in your program(s)/product(s).  An autoresponder also allows you to build a list of subscribers/customers.

TW’s autoresponder is beyond compare.  It is extremely reliable and will work for you 24/7.  It also allows you to see the open and click rates of your letters which will allow you to adjust subject lines, body content, etc., if needed.

Product 2:  Unlimited Ad Templates

TrafficWave offers many original ad templates that you can customize to fit your needs.  TW’s ad templates automatically add the capture code needed to build your subscriber list and customers which often time convert to sales.

Product 3:  Unlimited Ad Trackers

TW’s Ad Trackers not only track the number of hits/views your ads are receiving, but also allows you to track the cost of your advertising.  Thus, allowing a person to pin point where they are getting the biggest bang for their advertising buck.  No more guessing what’s working and what’s not.  You can easily track this with TW’s Ad Tracker.


TW charges a low monthly fee of $17.95 for all of its amazing ‘must have’ products for any business (online or offline). Remember, once your level one in filled in your 3 x 10 forced matrix and you have at least one (1) direct referral, your monthly fee is covered via your TW Commissions. TW is a state of the art program that offers all of the referenced products above and your cost will not go up as your list of subscribers/customers grow.  Many other autoresponders increase their fees as you build subscribers and customers.

Team Atlantis Rising will never charge you a dime for its services and benefits.  We feel that our TW commissions from our members’ participation is plenty.  Many other teams charge an admin fee.  We will never ever do this!

To join Team Atlantis Rising today, please click on the link below. You must choose to be an affiliate and not just a customer. Otherwise, TW will not pay you commissions for any sales. Once you have created your TW account and have upgraded and confirmed it, please send me, Didi Wargo, your full name, TW user name and your best contact email address. I will then welcome you to the one and only Team Atlantis Rising and will send you everything you need to get started.



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