Welcome to the #1 Trafficwave Team!

Team Atlantis has the most revolutionary system of recruiting PAID TrafficWave (TW) referrals. This 'fail proof' never before seen system of recruiting PAID TW referrals is already blowing all other TW programs/teams out of the water. We have the fastest moving rotators of anybody out there!

First, if you are not familiar with TW’s world famous affiliate pay plan, hover over the TraffiWave tab above and click on 'affiliate pay plan' and once you've view the pay structure, then come back here for Team Atantis amazing system of recruiting only PAID TW referrals.

Now then, I’m going to cut to the chase. No hype, no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence EVER! Just the amazing facts!

Here is Team Atlantis' exciting, revolutionary system of recruiting only PAID TW referrals. Read it closely. You are going to love the pure simplicity of it all so much that you are going to wonder why no one has ever thought of this before and I have no doubt that you will make the smart decision of joining us today.


All members receive three PAID (3) referrals according to their join date via Team Atlantis's first straight line rotator (3 and its free) before moving on to Team Atlantis' second straight line rotator which will provide two (2) more PAID referrals according to member's join date. Once a member has five (5) PAID direct referrals, they have reached TW's Tidal Wave Level. Once our members have reached Tidal Wave level, they are moved to a rotating URL to receive even more PAID referrals at random. There is no limit to the number of PAID TW referrals that our members can receive. The goal, of course, is to reach TrafficWave's Tsunami Level and with Team Atlantis' support and member dedication, I have not doubt that this goal is obtainable for all members. I'm proud to say that we have already created many tidal Wave and Tsunami Level members. Many of whom have been listed in TrafficWave's top twenty (20) earners report.

All members are provided with promotional options. A member may choose to promote only team pages, only personal pages or both. Most members choose to promote both..

Members who also choose to promote personal pages (this is our zero hit option), will be supplied with Team Atlantis' member letter series. This series will be sent to anybody completing their personal Team Atlantis provided page and it will contain their personal TW affiliate link

It is required that all members who expect the team to provide them PAID TW referrals receive a minimum of 1,000 hits or more per week to their team provided ad tracker URL. Members who choose to only promote for themselves will be relying solely on the team provide personal page or self created personal pages.

Team Atlantis has a super high retention rate. However, if a member does lose a referral provided by the team, that referral will be replaced when the member reaches the hot seat of whatever rotator they are currently in.

Team Atlantis has a weekly random drawing wherein one (1) lucky member is chosen to receive one (1) PAID referral out of turn. Meaning that you could be a lucky member and get a 'head start' on your TW commissions and downline. Members can only win this once. All members with zero (0) PAID referrals who meet the 1,000 hit requirement for the week before are entered into the drawing.

Team Atlantis also broadcasts a list of valuable freebies for our members and non members alike on Tuesdays to choose from. These items have value and have been donated by members and non members alike.

While TrafficWave's affiliate pay plan is beyond compare, so are their products. Your monthly subscription of just $17.95 per month will provide you with the absolute best autoresponder available at the best value available. You will also have an ad tracker and a capture page creator. Truly anybody who is serious about online marketing must have these products. Actually, 'real world' businesses need them for their businesses as well. Truly a must have!

Now after having viewed TrafficWave's affiliate pay plan above and learning about our amazing system of recruiting only PAID TW referrals, imagine for a moment, if you will, your soon to be TrafficWave residual online income. I’m not joking folks. This is serious business and if you stick with the business and Team Atlantis, you will do very well. In fact, I highly recommend you join today, as in NOW. Not in a week, not in a couple of days, BUT NOW!

Please Note: If you cannot join us as an upgraded (paid) member today, please wait until you are in a position to do so. We promise PAID referrals and that is what we are delivering.

To join Team Atlantis today, please send Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader, your so at oceanswellatlantis@gmail.com, with subject line "Yes, I'm ready". I would place a link for you to join through here but we are moving much to fast for that. I could never keep up with it.

Again, Team Atlantis is a team that you can trust. No hype, no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence. EVER!!!

I'll be looking forward to welcoming you aboard Team Atlantis and helping you to build your new legitimate online business.

Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader